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Birthdate:Mar 10
Location:Alabama, United States of America
Website:Semper Fidelis
Chang-Merquise Wu Fei, former Gundam pilot, owned.

Pertinent status information:

DOB: November 18, AC180

Age: 25

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 147

Residence: L2

Occupation: TBA

Misc: Currently owned by a pug, a demon masquerading as a cat, a damaged angel, and a sadistic blond. *Married invader_zechs on 12-31-07.

***These journals were created to show the former Gundam Pilots several years after the wars, leading normal lives. They were also created to be fun and allow them to intereact with those who followed their journals.

Some general guidelines to follow when participating in our little world:

1. Please treat us with respect.

2. If you do not agree with our characterizations, please defriend us. We only wish to interact people who are going to have as much fun with this as we are.

3. In accordance, you are most welcome to add us to your friends list and interact with us. The more people involved, the more fun it is for everyone.

4. Please do not advertise your own site or post pics or quizzes in our journals. Post them in your own journals. We'll see them. :)

5. Please keep all comments on topic. It's okay to get a little silly, but please don't create 30 replies of you and your friend talking back and forth.

6. Please do not post graphic details of your personal lives. That too should be left for your own journals. Yes, we like to share with you, but we don't necessarily wish you to share with us. Think PG-15 when commenting/emailing/chatting with us. Any objectionable comments will be deleted.

7. Our icons are that - ours. Please do not take them.

8. HAVE FUN. Comment on our lives. Interact with us. Catch us on AIM. We won't bite... unless asked.
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